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How Can I Add Gigs to My iPod?

    • 1). Insert the opening wedge into the space between the front and back halves of the iPod. Slowly work the wedge around the entire iPod until the hinges that attach the metal exterior to the iPod are dislodged.

    • 2). Lay the iPod down on a flat surface and remove the metal backing.

    • 3). Locate the battery. The iPod's lithium-ion battery is a small, black, brick-like component that's usually attached to the back of the iPod.

    • 4). Follow the ribbon protruding from the battery to its corresponding location on the iPod's motherboard. Remove the cable from the motherboard using the hemostat, making sure not to rip the ribbon cable.

    • 5). Locate the hard drive and drive connector. The hard drive will be connected to the iPod via a ribbon cable, but the exact connector style varies depending on the iPod model.

    • 6). Dislodge the connecting ribbon cable using the hemostat, and remove the hard drive from the iPod's motherboard. Carefully remove the old hard drive from the iPod and set aside.

    • 7). Realign the new hard drive onto the iPod's motherboard. Reconnect the hard drive ribbon cable to the new hard drive using the hemostat.

    • 8). Reconnect the iPod battery ribbon cable to the motherboard and reattach the iPod's metal backing. From here, restoring the iPod in iTunes allows you to use the device like any other MP3 player.

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