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How to Get Hidden Abilities in "Pokemon"

    • 1). Obtain the Hidden Machine you wish to use. HM01 is found in Striaton City from Mokomo and contains the move "Cut." With "Cut," you can chop down any trees that are blocking your path. HM02 contains the move "Fly" and is found in Driftveil City. It is given to you by Bianca. "Fly" allows you to immediately fly to any city you have previously visited. HM03 contains "Surf" and is found in Twist Mountain, given to you by Alder. "Surf" allows you to travel across any body of water. HM04 is found in Nimbasa City and contains "Strength," which lets you move huge boulders. HM05 is found on Route 18 and contains "Waterfall" which allows you to climb up any waterfall in the game. HM06 contains "Dive" and allows you to explore the game even further by diving underwater. It is found in Undella Town.

    • 2). Open your inventory menu by pressing the "X" button and selecting the desired Hidden Machine from your bag.

    • 3). Select the Pokemon you wish to teach the move to. Note that not every Pokemon can learn HM moves. Once your Pokemon has been taught the move, you can use the move outside of battle.

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