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Problems Aligning Business Cards

    Margin discrepancies

    • If your cards are never aligning, try measuring the margins on your cardstock template by hand. They will usually be between a quarter and three-quarters of an inch. Then, go into your design program and make sure the margins match. This will be under the Format tab. Check the distances between cards as well as the distance from card edge to paper edge, compare to your template, then reprint. If it is still off, play with the margins on plain paper.

    Printer feeding

    • If your cards sometimes align, it may be a trouble with the printer itself. First, make sure the adjustable guides on the side of the printer are pulled snug against the paper. They shouldn't bend the cards, but the cards should be secure with no wiggle room. Next, check for a feed error. If your printer is pulling too many papers at once you risk a jam, or more misalignment. Paper too thick for your printer will also cause a feed error. Try printing your cards on regular weight computer paper, and if this fixes the problem you probably need to switch printers. If the problem persists, check and clean your feed rollers, or ask someone to help you find and clean them. As a last resort, remove all the paper from your printer and feed through one sheet at a time.

    Print settings

    • Most design programs let you input the exact template of cardstock you are using. If you aren't able to do that, or if you'll be printing on regular cardstock and cutting yourself, at least make sure that the printer settings are set to the highest quality available. This will slow down the printing and make errors less likely, or at least easier to catch. Using print preview may also reveal problems in alignment on your template. Try printing to a PDF and checking for differences.

    Print calibration

    • If all of your documents print off kilter, you may need to calibrate the printer. Use a search program on your computer to find printer settings. Some editing programs also offer a calibration option. When the test square prints, measure the distance from the edge and enter the information. Then reprint and check your results.

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