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Gum Lifts and Lip Enhancement Through Aesthetic Dentistry

Lips which are full are often considered sensual in our society.
In the same way, a beautiful smile is always appreciated by people.
Due to these two factors, lip enhancement is a very common procedure which is performed nowadays.
Lip enhancement will help in improving your facial appearance and will also boost your confidence levels.
It is a major surgery and therefore, you have to get a complete checkup by a cosmetic dentist before the procedure.
There are different types of lip enhancement techniques available nowadays.
The dentist will choose the right one which will serve your purpose.
There are 3 types of lip enhancing procedures which is used by dentists all over the world.
Injectable fillers are used for giving you a temporary result.
The effect of this procedure will last for a time period of 6 weeks to 18 months.
This is subjected to change from person to person.
The result will also depend on the type of product used on the person.
Collagen, hylaform, rofilan, hyaluron and perlane are some the fillers which will give you a temporary effect.
These are the most commonly used products to perform this surgery.
Injectable fillers like lipostructure, aquamide, alloderm, soft form, and dermalive and bio alcamide are used to give a permanent effect.
The whole procedure of lip injection will take around 3 to 10 minutes.
This will vary if the area of treatment is large and extensive.
The filling substance is carefully chosen after the examination of the person and is injected into the lip.
Swelling is expected soon after the procedure is completed.
This will subside within a short period of time and will not cause any complication.
In some cases, the area around the lips where the substance is injected will show a blue color.
You can hide this by using a lipstick or lip gloss.
After a few days this discoloration will reduce and you will get new and attractive lips.
Most of them tend to go back to their normal routine soon after the procedure.
Bio Alcamide is the choice of filler in most of the cases.
The effect of this filler will last longer than the rest of the substances.
This product has not shown any side effects or allergic rashes.
People are very comfortable after using this substance to enhance their lips.
It is made up of hydrogel and is unique in its properties.
It can also be removed without any difficulty.
It is also used to fill wrinkles, lips, scars, cavities and grooves present in the skin.
The third type of lip enhancement is through plastic surgery of the lips, smile and mouth.
This is a permanent treatment and cannot be reversed.
You have to take a lot of care after the surgery and prevent the part from any infection.
Using this method, you can enhance your lips and smile permanently.
If not given adequate care, it can cause some complications and discomforts.
There are many sites present online which will help you in knowing more about lip enhancement and gum lift techniques.

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