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Fingerprint Identification System from 360 Biometrics

Fingerprint analysis is essential when it comes to correctly identifying and storing personal ids and data of your employees. A good fingerprint identification software has the ability to correctly ascertain an individual's fingerprint and identify them based on the stored data.


The good news is that 360 Biometrics has just launched its new PersonID fingerprint identification system! This easy-to-use fingerprint identification software has been designed specifically for small to mid-sized businesses due to its cost-effective price and flexible features. PersonID allows organizations to accurately and instantly identify employees, customers and partners alike, making it one of the most holistic fingerprint identification systems in the market.

PersonID system is so easy to use and adapt that the SC Magazine gave it a 4 star overall and 5 stars for its ease of use and documentation. Besides identifying the employees, partners or any other authorized personnel who have been enrolled into the fingerprint identification system it can also be customized to store pictures as well as user-defined personal information such as names, dates of birth, employee numbers etc in its database. All users need to do to access that information is to provide their fingerprint and the record will be displayed on the screen.

Who can use it and why?

The PersonID can be used with a variety of different applications like authorization, transaction time, time-and-attendance as well as physical-action control systems for different industries (like healthcare, workforce management etc). This fingerprint identification software was created using Griaule's Fingerprint SDK, a system that had the privilege of winning the prestigious Fingerprint Verification Competition in the EER (Equal Error Rate) category.


The PersonID fingerprint identification system is also capable of working with a wide range of fingerprint readers such as Hamster IV and Plus, Optimouse Plus, Verifier 300 and Venus Multispectral fingerprint devices. You can also use PersonID on systems such as Windows XP, 2000, Server 2003 and Windows 7.

Information that is stored by one version of this fingerprint identification system will be accessible to others as the system is upgraded. Plus with an average cost of a dollar per person, you will be getting one of the most cost-effective fingerprint identification software in the market.

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