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Compare Topload & Frontload Washing Machines

    • 1). Figure out where you want to install your washing machine. If it's a tight space, a front loading washing machine might not be able to open all the way.

    • 2). Look at how much space you have for your washing machine and dryer. If you decide to stack these appliances, a front load washing machine is the more logical choice.

    • 3). Consider your health. If you have back issues or bending repeatedly is an issue for you, then a topload washing machine is likely to be a better choice.

    • 4). Find out if the models you're comparing are high-efficiency washing machines. Frontload washing machines tend to be more efficient. High-efficiency models use less water and detergent, which can help you save money.

    • 5). Research the pros and cons of each option. Front load washing machines are generally larger, but they can also be louder. Top load models are less expensive but not as efficient or powerful.

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