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The Confusing Life of Jesus

Most Christians don't really know that the Gospels tell different stories about the life of Jesus.
This isn't commonly shared information by your church leaders.
Don't ask me why, but maybe they don't share the information, because they really don't know the truth and don't want to be embarrassed, by sharing this confusing information about the life of Jesus.
If you've only read one Gospel, let's say that you only read the Gospel of Mark and you got a pretty good idea, what Jesus' life was like.
Consider your self lucky, to have never read the other three, because this is where it gets confusing.
Each of these Gospels, tell similar but different stories about the same events in Jesus' life.
Each one of the four authors, Mark, Matthew, Luke and John, provide different stories about Jesus' death and resurrection.
If you don't want to be confused, you can easily pick one of the Gospels and believe that particular story.
This would free your mind up, from a lot of grief and problems later on, especially if you choose to study Christianity and start really digging for some serious information about your religion.
The life of Jesus is extremely confusing, to anyone that reads all four of the Gospels and if you choose to read the rest of the New Testament, you could get even more confused.
Anyone who believes that the New Testament is an easy to read or easy to understand, probably understands something that I don't.
The life of Jesus is confusing, and I'm not even talking about the missing years of Jesus' life, ponder that for a while.

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