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Snowboarding Tricks - How To Do A 50-50

The 50-50 grind is the best introduction for beginners to start learning the ins and outs of the snowboarding terrain park.
The 50-50 is a highly portable grind that can be used on any grinding surface with relative ease.
You will want to master this trick before moving on to more technical grinds.
In summary, you will keep your board moving forward and maintaining your your balance over the center of you board, naturally allowing the board to continue to move you forward down the rail.
This is the most basic of grinds and will help build your confidence up toward bigger and better tricks in no time.
The 50-50 is as simple as it comes in terms of grinds, but the key is really in the approach.
You should begin by building confidence, and remembering that speed is your friend.
If you happen to approach the rail wrong, you will have no trouble exiting off of the side of the rail if you maintain enough speed.
For any reason if you hesitate or scramble to bail you may have issues, so stay confident and keep your speed up.
As you begin your approach, you will want to aim your trajectory down the middle of the rail.
Keep a steady speed and keep the end of the rail in mind.
You want to line up your entry and exit along the same path, and your trajectory should lead you right down the middle of the rail.
You should not be turning at all as you reach the base of the kicker and you she be moving straight for the first part of the rail.
When you reach the lip of the kicker, pop a small ollie and remain in control with your shoulders level over your board.
Bring your knees up and meet the rail gently without making any wild movements that could throw off your balance.
You should meet the rail with your shoulders in line and your weight balanced over the center of the rail.
Your feet should land flat and you should be standing relaxed, without trying to use any edges.
As you move through the grind stay relaxed with your weight centered, and move your shoulders for balance (but only slightly, any body movements could throw off your balance so keep them only to small adjustments).
Keep the grind smooth and your head up to focus on your exit.
As the end of the rail approaches, keep your knees bent and prepare to land flat.
Meet the ground with bent knees and stomp your landing down on flat ground.
The 50-50 is a simple yet smooth and stylish grind to help you start developing your skills in the terrain park.
Take some time with this basic trick to get used to the balance points, speed and approaches needed to pull of these grinds.

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