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How Do Sleeping Bags Work?

Can you remember when you were just a kid, and you loved to sleep in a sleeping bag? It didn't matter if it was in the house or on a camping trip; you just wanted to crawl into that cocoon like creation and lay there.
But have you ever wondered why sleeping bags are so comfortable and so practical? And how do they stay so warm no matter what the temperature outside? Well, here are a few facts to help you if you are thinking of purchasing a sleeping bag.
You seemingly can stay warm in one of these bags regardless of the outside temperature because the bags trap and hold air which doesn't move right next to your body.
Then your body does what comes naturally and warm this trapped air, while the bag continues to form a strong barrier between the outside air and itself.
The smaller the amount of air to heat, the quicker you will warm and continue to stay warm.
When choosing a bag, remember that a backpacking bag which is smaller will be warmer than a regular camping bag as it is not as roomy and has less air to heat.
When choosing a bag, one thing to look at is the insulation of the bag.
Most serious campers will gravitate toward a bag with synthetic insulation.
The reasons they choose this type of insulation is because it is known for tremendous performance and a great price.
Synthetic insulation will usually be made of polyester (kind of like a leisure suit!).
What constitutes a tremendous performance?Some of the benefits of synthetic insulation includes the fact that it is: nonallergenic, cheaper than bags that are down filled, guaranteed to insulate despite being wet, very quick to dry, very tough and durable.
What about the outer shell of the bag? Well, it is normally composed of polyester or ripstop nylon for durability.
Several brands of bags now have a water repellent finish.
In other words, water will not soak through the bag, just bead up.
Sleeping bags are a marvelous invention.
Get up, get a bag that fits your needs and get to the great outdoors today!

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