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Moving With Your Dog Made Easier

Moving anywhere can be a challenging experience for the whole family, including the family dog. If you're purchasing Breckenridge Real Estate, however, you can rest assured that the community is ready to welcome not only you, but your little dog too. They offer a complete array of dog services and amenities close to almost any Breckenridge properties. While you work to get moved into your Breckenridge home, let The Dog House and K9 Adventure Fitness make the experience less stressful for your dog.

The Dog House serves new Breckenridge home owners by providing dog grooming at their location if your dog needs basic grooming or a specialized cut. If you just need a place to give your dog a bath, they have self-service facilities as well. Dog owners can feel confident that as they settle into a Breckenridge property, their dogs remain a priority. If moving into one of the Breckenridge properties proves to be too much for your dog, The Dog House provides both doggie daycare and overnight boarding.

Some home buyers may prefer the stable environment The Dog House provides for their dogs during the first few days of moving into their Breckenridge homes. New homeowners can even check in with their dogs daily, since The Dog House emails pictures of the dogs to dog owners' Breckenridge homes through their "How's My Dog" program. Of course, the service isn't just for owners of new Breckenridge properties; once you're moved in, they can provide you and your dog the same services whenever you need them.

Getting settled in a new community takes time for everyone, but Breckenridge property owners can make the transition easier with the help of K9 Adventure Fitness. While you're making your Breckenridge property a home for your family and pets and possibly settling into a new job at the same time, K9 Adventure and fitness can give your dog some much needed outdoor play time. They know the backcountry surrounding Summit County Real Estate better than anyone, and they'll take your dog on exciting outdoor adventures, and bring him back to your property in Breckenridge tired and satisfied.

Your dog's routine will be disrupted during your move to a Breckenridge property, which can lead to behavior problems like digging, excessive barking, and chewing. The best way to interrupt your dog's stressed behaviors is through vigorous exercise in dog-friendly areas found all around Colorado mountain real estate. Rather than your dog digging holes around your Breckenridge property, why not have K9 Adventure Fitness give her the attention she deserves?

K9 Adventure Fitness is no ordinary pet sitting service; they are getting the love and attention they need while you move into your property in Breckenridge. When your move into your Breckenridge property is complete, capture the moment with their professional dog photography.

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