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What Does a Radiologist Tech Make Per Hour?

    National Average

    • On a national scale, the typical radiologic technician earns $26.05 on average every hour while processing X-rays. This adds up to $54,180 a year. Technicians in the top 90th percentile, which means that 90 percent of the entire job demographic earns less than this amount, make $36.27 an hour. Those in the 75th percentile bring in $30.80 an hour, and those in the 10th percentile net just $17.16 an hour.

    Employers by Employee Numbers

    • The majority of radiologic technicians, approximately 59 percent, work in hospitals. There, the average hourly wage for this job rings in at $26.33. After hospitals, the next top four employers with the greatest number of radiologic technicians are physicians' offices, which pay $24.45 an hour; medical labs, which pay $27.53; outpatient care, where the average technician earns $25.46 hourly; and the federal government, where technicians nab $26.99 hourly.

    Employers by Pay

    • Scientific research companies pay radiologic technicians the best average hourly wage on the market, at $31.16. That's a significant $5 more than the national average, which adds up to an extra $10,000 a year. Scientific and technical consulting services rank second at $28.79 per hour, followed by employment services at $28.66; office administrative service companies at $28/06; and specialty hospitals at $28.04.


    • The three states with the greatest concentration of technicians are West Virginia, South Dakota and Kentucky. West Virginian technicians make an average of $19.91 an hour. South Dakota's technicians earn $21.62, and Kentucky's technicians can expect $22.04 hourly. If you're looking to move for better pay, Massachusetts has the highest average hourly wage for this job at $32.95, followed by Nevada at $31.93; Maryland at $31.64; Hawaii at $30.51; and the District of Columbia at $30.42.

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