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Pennsylvania Laws That Ban the Shipping of Wine

    Alcohol Regulation

    • Since the repeal of the American Prohibition Act in 1920, each state created its own system of alcohol regulations. Systems are often influenced by local business interests, politics and public opinion. Pennsylvania laws ban direct shipment of wine from producers to individual home addresses. Wine companies and producers can ship their products to Pennsylvania wine and liquor stores.

    Internet Wine Law

    • Pennsylvania wine drinkers may purchase wine over the Internet from a licensed direct wine shipper and have it shipped to the wine and spirits store of their choice. As of 2006, state officials could no longer enforce a repealed law, which banned out-of-state wineries from selling and shipping wine directly to Pennsylvania consumers' homes. This law was found unconstitutional by the Supreme Court because it favored in-state wineries.

    Liquor Control Board Law

    • The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board (PLCB), as of 2010, allows state residents to order directly from out-of-state wineries over the Internet only if state stores do not carry those wines. Wineries must apply for a free shipping license. Online wine shopping customers are limited to one case per month.

    Senate Bill 996

    • Senate Bill 996, an underage drinking bill, was presented in 2005, according to a "Wine Spectator" article. However, the Independent State Stores Union opposed the bill, saying that it did not properly address taxes and shipping. The bill explains that for a UPS or FedEx wine delivery, an adult must be home to sign for the wine.

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