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BBQ Wedding Reception Ideas

    Choosing a Cook

    • Uncle Charlie might be a dandy griller, but a reception usually includes many guests to feed, and you want him to enjoy your wedding, too. If you're going for the cheapest and most fuss-free reception for your outdoor wedding, choose a few cooks you know and trust who are not guests. But for ensured food quality and safety, reduced stress and a more elegant dish selection, hire a professional barbecue catering company. They have innovative menus and aren't afraid to try new dishes. Save the hamburgers and hotdogs for your deck.

      Also, do a tasting at a number of catering companies to find the one that suits your wedding crowd, theme and tastes the best. This will give you an idea of which company is pushing the envelop and will bring added flavor to your reception.

    Food Ideas

    • Finger food is a barbecue specialty. Serve kabobs or prosciutto-wrapped grilled asparagus for appetizers with cocktail hour. A grilled sausage penne with mushrooms, zucchini and grape tomatoes can all be done on the grill, and so can a pork tenderloin stuffed with goat cheese and apricot chutney. With new grills and heavy-duty barbecues, almost any dish is possible. Your catering company will have a list of options for you to choose from, and have a few options for vegetarians and guests who do not eat red meat.


    • Buffet-style service works wonderfully with outdoor weddings. Keep the courses separate so the cooks have time to switch gears from pre-dinner snacks to main-course meals and sides. Have guests serve themselves appetizers and salads first, and then have a second round buffet with the mains. Include a third round for desserts. Presentation is key. You don't want your meal to look like a soup kitchen. Display food on beautiful serving platters laced with garnishes.

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