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James Scott"s All-Time Best Quotes

One thing about Days of Our Lives' James Scott, when he says something he means it. You always know when he's averse to a story turn, because he doesn't mince words. It's just as easy to tell when he's enjoying a plot twist, because he isn't shy about heaping on the praise. The born and bred Brit is just as candid when it comes to other topics, too; like the realities of the entertainment business, life in Los Angeles, his co-stars and then some.

Read on for a collection of quotes from the actor who brings portrays the incomparable EJ DiMera.


Bye-Bye All My Children, Hello Days

"I got three weeks notice that I was going to be blown up [on All My Children]. That’s it. Bang! You’re dead. Interestingly enough, just a few weeks before, I had had a conversation with the executive producer, who had bent over backwards to assure me that everything was fine.... If I was to walk in to work tomorrow and get fired fromDays of our Lives, it would be a much easier thing to deal with, because you learn. People come and go all the time."

"Knowing that Days would involve more skin exposure than All My Children, I put a few hours in at the gym for about three or four weeks before starting. I certainly hope that the ladies appreciate it."

He Loves LA

"New York is a great place, but it’s not for me. I’m talking to you at the moment at my new house in the hills in Los Angeles. I”m surrounded by greenery and birds. It’s just beautiful. A butterfly is flying a around me...

I have a swimming pool. It’s 82 degrees with a light breeze, and you just caught me sunbathing."

A Case of Rape

"Honestly, my personal feeling is that the rape [story] was a step too far... In his head, [EJ] really thinks that he’s the one for Sami. It’s stupid. I’ve got to be honest. It’s bloody stupid. It’s a bit of a quantum leap to think that this girl who was raped didn’t have to have any therapy; didn’t have to go to rape counseling. She was able to bounce back and be completely fine."

"I shot scenes a couple of days ago where EJ is sitting three inches away from Sami... You know, it’s just weak. That’s the kind of stuff that dilutes the show."


Family Ties

"Joe (Mascolo, Stefano) called me Elvis for the first week he came on, in front of and behind the camera, 'Hey Elvis. How are you doing?' 'Okay. It's James, actually.' 'Nah, Elvis.' He’s very nice... larger than life."

Double Trouble: EJ and Santo

"When I first found out I was playing a dual role and I first found out about the story, my immediate thought was, Well, don’t f**k it up. Because you’re unraveling a story that’s based on 27 years of raveling. That’s a big responsibility, not only for the actors, but for the show as a whole."

"I’m not a big fan of the fake mustache. First of all, it tickles your nose, which is bloody annoying. Secondly, they have to apply it with some kind of epoxy/super glue type resin, which they stick on your face. It just burns. It’s nasty. The whole process of putting it on and taking it off is not particularly fun."


Getting Whitewashed

"EJ’s going through a period of transition. His eyes are going to be opened up soon to how his father works and why he works in the way that he does. I think it’s going to represent the beginning of a move back to some of the darker side of EJ that he’s embraced in the past."

"They cut his balls off, and they made him into the town pariah; then into the whipping boy/apologist of Salem, who’s pathetic. Look, I don’t want to be killing people and I don’t want to be raping people, but everything else is fine. It’s more interesting."

"Overwhelmingly, when I meet fans, they say, 'When is the old EJ coming back?' Because they liked that EJ. That character was received very strongly and became one of the most popular characters on the show. He was interesting and he had balls. He needs his balls back. Don’t print anything I say without writing the word balls."


Papa Mia

"I learn a lot from working with Joe. He’s a good actor... What Joe does very well is commit to everything he’s doing. I’ll read a script and think some of this dialogue is ridiculous. Joe commits to it and makes it work. It’s a very hard thing to do. Nobody else on the show does it as well as he does."

"Joe’s had a varied successful career, pretty much more than anyone else on the show. He’s done a lot of big movies. He’s done a lot of Broadway. He’s done a lot of Off Broadway. He knows his stuff. He’s a good person to watch. To be honest with you, I’d be stupid if I didn’t, because he has a lot of experience."  

A Grand Role

"I’ve been very lucky that EJ evolved into [such a great role]. I don’t know if that was the idea, when I came on. Maybe it’s just what came about. I felt I was very lucky with the character. I was very lucky with the material. I also was very lucky that it played to my strength a bit. I like being a charming little bastard. Can you print that? It all seemed to work."

Pregnant Leading Lady

"Some of the most fun I've had working on Days has been with Arianne Zucker (Nicole). We've worked together pretty much every day for the past year. She’s had a really good pregnancy. She’s been perfect, the perfect costar. She’s never had any complaints at all. If you didn’t know she was pregnant, you wouldn’t know."

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