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How to Check Correct UK Time

    • 1). Figure out what time zone you are in. The United States has a variety of time zones including Eastern Time Zone, Central Time Zone, Mountain Time Zone and Pacific Time Zone.

    • 2). Add five hours to the current time if you are in the Eastern Time Zone. Add six hours if you are in Central. If you are in the Mountain Time Zone, add seven hours, while those in the Pacific Time Zone must add eight hours to find the correct UK time.

    • 3). Use the World Clock online (see references) to determine the exact time in the United Kingdom. Find the location on the list and it will tell you what the current time is. You can also use the Greenwich Mean Time calculator. Change your current location in the city box and the second to UK. The current, correct UK time will appear on the screen. Keep in mind the UK uses military time.

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