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Featuring Some Of The Great Guitar Blues Players

In the history of the guitar blues there have been some great players and fortunately many of those great players are still with us today.
Whether you prefer smooth guitar blues or whether you like to have your guitar blues smash you in the face there have been players to oblige you and to entertain you for over a century now.
Here is a quick look at some guitar blues players that have made an impact.
BB King BB King has been playing guitar blues for over 60 years and is one of the standards that people use when they talk about guitar blues players.
He has recorded with such great bands as U2 and is best known for his trademark hollow body electric guitar he calls Lucille.
He was originally called the Beale Street Blues Boy but before his first record came out the record company shortened it to BB and used his real last name of King to create the name BB King.
In over 60 years BB King has played his smooth style of blues all over the world.
Eric Clapton Known simply as "Slow Hand", Eric Clapton is a self taught guitar prodigy who got his start in the famous 1960's hard rock blues band Cream.
After Cream disbanded he went on to form such acts as Derrick And The Dominoes but Clapton was always displaying his trademark slow hand smooth guitar blues style somewhere in the world.
Recently Cream was reunited for a few shows and it is unknown whether or not they will stay together but even without a reunited Cream Eric Clapton has still left his mark as one of the greatest guitar blues players ever.
Robert Johnson It is difficult to talk about guitar blues players without talking about the man that greats such as Jimi Hendrix and Muddy Waters cite as one of their prime influences.
Robert Johnson was born in 1911 and died in 1938 but in between there he recorded and released at least a half dozen or more records that survive today as an example of the talent and vision that Johnson had.
He lived the blues and, by some accounts, died because of the blues and Robert Johnson is the place where most blues is said to have come from.
Jimi Hendrix For some reason Jimi Hendrix is never given his due as the master guitar blues player that he was because many people cannot see past his use of sound and energy on the electric guitar.
But everything Jimi did was based in the blues and many of his more popular songs are simply blues songs done Jimi's way and there is nothing wrong with that.

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