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Curtain Tie Back Instructions

    • 1). Tie a string around the curtain and adjust it until you like the look. Mark the placement of the string on the window frame with a small pencil mark. Screw a cup hook into the window frame at that mark.

    • 2). Cut the string and measure it to determine how long you want your tieback to be. Add 1 1/2 inches to this measurement. Cut two pieces of fabric and one piece of interfacing this long and 5 1/2 inches wide.

    • 3). Pin the fabric and interfacing together, with the right sides of the fabric together and the interfacing on top. Starting in the middle of one of the long sides, sew all the way around the tieback with a 5/8-inch seam allowance. Leave a 3-inch opening for turning. Turn the corners as follows: Sew until you reach the corner. With the needle down, lift the pressure foot, turn the fabric, lower the pressure foot and continue sewing.

    • 4). Clip the corners and turn the tieback right side out. Press the tieback with an iron and slip stitch the opening closed. Sew plastic rings on the back of the tieback, 1/4 inch in from the top two corners. Wrap the tieback around the curtain and hang it on the cup hook.

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