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Kaydee’s Sassy Soap Corner - A Weekly Commentary for OLTL for November 18, 2011

Hey howdy hey, Soaplings!

It was certainly no happy picnic trying to connect with all of you through my mobile phone. Even then, you all kept the site, the personal concern, the emails going, and the laughter flowing. I thank you from the bottom of my soul. If you think that I am out of touch with the current happenings on the show when you're reading this, rest assured I am not. This is the first of my two missing columns due to my technical difficulties.

With a crashed computer and internet connection. Bear with me, and all will be caught up very soon. The latest column missing column is following right behind. I will be working overtime to catch up. Let's move on.

There's certainly a lot to be said for this week's shows, but I'm not promising it will be the type of things that would grant me an invitation to the Writers' annual Christmas party. Then again, maybe it will. Judge for yourself, Oh Great Ones. All aboard!

Loonview Teen Beat-Part One:

More on Jack and Neela. Was it an attempt on the writers' part to project a more, um..WHOLESOME image of Jack when he saved Rama and Vimal from the fire at The Sun? If so, might it have been more effective to NOT have made Jack the person who STARTED the fire? Ya think? I don't know about Soany of you, but again, it was a case of too little, too late.

Putting all of my Jack-bashing aside, this is pretty serious stuff and it disturbs me. First, Jack premeditated an arson, which he did under the guise of protecting his father's assets from Todd, whom he believes murdered Victor.

However, he rigs the door to lock Todd inside while The Sun burned down which ups the ante to premeditated, cold-blooded murder! As if killing Gigi, or Stacy, by “accident” wasn't enough. And let's not forget that Gigi, (or Stacy), was lured there because he planned to “accidentally” lock Shane in a basement where Shane would have been the victim of the carbon monoxide poisoning.

The jury is still out for me on the Jack and Neela pairing, but despite her annoying whining, she has some good values and spunk instilled in her, and she seems to be capable of matching Jack's diabolical behavior. With care-filled writing, and another Jack, this match-up could work. She just may be the missing link in Jack reformation.

On a lighter note, Vimal's panicked ramblings as he searched for his sister were hilarious, and I don't think he knew that when he blurted out the possibility that Neela might have been abducted by a juvenile delinquent, he was actually hitting the nail on the head. Rama's irritation with his ridiculous scenarios were just as hilarious. I chuckled quite a number of times when Rama impatiently ordered him to calm down and think about what he was saying, because he would realize for himself just how ridiculous he sounded.

Teen Beat-Part Two: Starr and the Pig

I think the never-ending escapades of Rick the, I mean PIG...(there goes that nervous tick again!) have long surpassed being labeled “nauseating”. I'm sorry readers, but I have to abandon all censorship on this one and speak my mind. This character has me scratching my head trying to decipher whether he's suffering personal, um...”performance” problems, or if he's just simply afraid that he'll fade away into thin air if he doesn't stomp on people's morality and self-worth to stay famous. Seriously, he practically salivates whenever he sees any female and male sharing the same space, and no matter what the project, he demands that a pornographic spin be put on it!

I was truly impressed with the way the teens held their ground about maintaining their morals in Starr's music video against Rick. They are definitely sharp for their young years, but we all know that Rick will manage to successfully execute some underhanded, sleazy plot to get things to go his own way. My suggestion for a quick solution? Sic Todd on him! The kids will wonder where the hog went so quickly!

Hey, if Mr. Black and Mr. Blue were successful for Clint with Ford back in the day, this should be a piece of cake! I'm just saying.


Tea IS pregnant! YAY! I was happy with her decision to tell Todd the news in person. I don't exactly know if I am explaining this the way I mean it, or if any of you agree with me, but there's a weirdly charming quality in the midst of the Manning madness. They are the closest knit family to be such an equally tumultuous one. Their love for each other, with the exception of the cyborg gone awry, is clearly evident and established to all around them. With that being said, let's break down the issues that plague their twisted harmony.

First, the writers have decided to crash-land Todd right back into his old pit of evil. Many of you might say that that's what Todd has always been, but here's the problem. MONTHS have been spent psyching us all for the return of Roger Howarth. Another long stretch of many weeks were spent keeping us guessing whether or not he was Todd or another character. Then we stomached the twin storyline with Todd's rendition of “Rain Man”, senselessly lost Trevor St. John's character, (when clearly the two of them on the same canvas would have ENRICHED the show). We veterans fell in love with Roger's Todd all over again, especially when we watched how he matured and tried things differently since he was stripped of all the valuable things in his life for eight years.

Could the literary vultures not find the tiniest bit of regard for the loyal viewers and allow Todd a break for just a little while? He didn't kill Victor, we all know that, but why did they have to expand the storyline making him a villain so quickly, AND one that includes Baker and Tomas? Why not allow Todd's reformation to remain intact for the duration of the show's network life? After losing Roger for eight years, it would have been a refreshing change to see his character expand on his softer,more selfless side. He would still remain the bad boy he is, only this time, he would keep his mayhem strictly for business and outsiders. UGH!

More on the Manning front...

I want to amend my position on Blair. I previously stated that I was proud of the caution she was using in the romance department, but alas, that caution has come to an end. I want to make it clear that while I am a die-hard Todd and Blair fan, I am not changing my viewpoint because she chose Tomas. I am doing so because she's still not one hundred percent clear on her decision, and despite everything she has listed to justify her decision, her confusion is still very evident. Blair's history with making hasty decisions had repeatedly landed her in a series of messes, and each and every time the messes are traced back, their origins have been based on a hasty decision. Case in point? Her decision to tell Todd that Jack was Max's son back in Mexico. By no means does her lie excuse or absolve Todd of his atrocious reaction in trying to give the baby away, but things certainly could have been better. Hopefully, she gets it right this time.

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