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Living Your Biggest Life

Lately I've been watching biographies of people that have achieved fame and fortune.
It is obvious that regardless of their specific achievements, they all have several traits in common:a big dream, belief in themselves and in unlimited possibility, an unwavering focus on their "big picture" and a full commitment to their purpose.
This strong focus and commitment saw them through many rejections, naysayers and other obstacles that often appeared on their path.
They all found a way to make their big dream come true, by taking purposeful action daily, saying no to opportunities that would take them off course, saying yes to opportunities that helped them move in the direction of their dreams, and creating opportunities where there were none.
They each had their eye and their attention on the big idea of what they could become, not necessarily on one specific destination.
When we believe in something, there is nothing we cannot be, do or have.
What do you believe you can become? Thinking big thoughts and creating big goals keeps us inspired and excited.
It gives us a broader view of our lives and enables us to see how all parts of our lives fit together.
Big goals take us far outside of our comfort zones, to amazing places both within ourselves and into whole new worlds of opportunity.
They become our north star, shining brightly, lighting our way as we move along the beautiful path of our lives.
They permeate our daily lives, helping us build momentum, resilience and courage.
What are your big dreams and goals? Picture a circle in the center of a page.
That represents your life as it is now - the experiences, roles, habits, abundance, talents and relationships you have been and are living.
Most of us have goals that still fall within that same circle including: spending more time with family and friends, taking our yearly vacations - often more of what we already have.
While those goals are important, they don't stretch us beyond our current reality or comfort zone.
What goals fall outside the circle?Goals like learning a new sport or skill, accepting a new position, adopting a child...
Goals like these take us out of our comfort zones toward greater possibility.
The bigger the goal, the farther away from our circle we get, the more uncomfortable we become, yet the more we grow and experience.
The wonderful thing is, once we expand, the boundaries of our circle expand too, and never return to original size.
We don't need to leave comfort behind forever, just for a little while.
Long enough to take the actions that lead us toward our big goals.
How big is your circle? What steps are you ready to take to expand it?

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