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The 3 Best Cheap Eats in Gothenburg

Gothenburg is full of people who love to eat and cook. The city is great for people who are interested in trying different kind of foods. You will get the world's best seafood here. Gothenburg's chefs are some of the great cooks in Sweden. You just have a look into the winners of “Swedish of the Year” and you will know. 

Many restaurants of Gothenburg are situated in the Linnegatan street running from Jarntorget to Linneplatsen.

You can see restaurants of various cuisines here that range from low to expensive. Here are some of the best restaurants of Gothenburg, which provides good food at budget prices.

1. Pinchos

It is the world's first app restaurant in which you can see the menus and place orders through your mobile phones. You can simply download the app from Google Store and book for a table that is convenient for you. You will get a confirmation message on your mobile instantly. Alternatively, you can call +46 31 28 27 29 to book a table. Each person is unique and their tastes too. Hence the restaurant has created a special menu for snacks from all over the world to satisfy the taste buds of any person. The bite-size plates are quite popular at this restaurant and it comes with Japanese sushi, Italian antipasti, Lebanese mezes and Chinese dim sum. You can get a variety of Scandinavian dishes as well. The restaurant is located at Gotabergsgatan 28, Upper Majorsgatan 4 & Little Square 3. 


2. Lila Tavernan

The restaurant serves traditional Greek dishes like small lamb and nut burgers cooked in tomato sauce, barbecued tiger prawns on a skewer and cheese-filled homemade burgers. The food is well prepared since the raw materials are carefully chosen from Greece. You will get the authentic taste of Greek cuisine here. The restaurant has a website from where you can download the menu pdf. They also provide takeaway as well as catering services. The staffs are friendly and offer great service. The restaurant is open from 13:00 between Monday and Saturday. It is located on Olivedalsgatan 17, near Linneplatsen, Linnegatan and the Caste forest. You can have a simple, delicious and hearty meal at affordable prices here. Book a table online or call +46 3112 88 05.


3. Maharani

The restaurant is situated at First street 4, 413 03. It offers tasty Indian foods at the best prices in the city. You can get starters for just 30 to 40 SEK and main courses for about 110 SEK. The restaurant serves both contemporary and traditional dishes of India. It is a leading Indian restaurant not only in Gothenburg, but in the entire Sweden. The restaurant has warm decor and excellent hospitality. They offer takeaway services and catering services for large parties. You can get quite an extensive choice in vegetarian and non vegetarian foods, including chicken, seafood and lamb. They always serve two special dishes on the lunch menu which will vary every day. The restaurant is open from Monday to Saturday and the lunch timing is between 11:30 and 14:30. You can reserve a table in the internet or contact +46 31 14 11 80.


If you will be traveling around Scandinavia a bit and are looking for more budget restaurants in other cities, take a look at our foodie category Food & Dining in Scandinavia!

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