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Party Bags for an Exciting Children"s Party

Throwing a children's party? Why not use party bags! Often when a parent is tasked with throwing a birthday, Christmas, or school party for their children, they feel a bit overwhelmed.
The idea of taking on the responsibility of bringing so many kids together, in one setting, keeping them entertained, and avoiding any serious breakdowns can really send your anxiety through the roof.
This is where the basis of putting together party bags lies.
A party bag differs from a grab bag because you provide to the children at the beginning of the party instead of at the end.
A good party bag should include games and trinkets to keep children busying themselves while the party begins.
A great party bag for children over the age of 6 may include something for children to write something nice about the birthday boy or girl.
Utilizing current popular children's icons, Madlibs and word puzzles are wonderful additions for older kids as well.
Putting a small snack such as graham crackers, crisps, or a pack of saltines is a great way to put something in your party guests' stomachs to reduce hunger-initiated crankiness.
When choosing the small snack to include, keep in mind that the snack is designed to allow you a little extra time to bring out the actually meal or cake, so keep it small and non-filling.
Other great items to put in a party bag at children's parties are wacky glasses, masks, or for older children, costume make-up.
These items are designed to get the children interacting with one another and to help keep everyone occupied in some way while the party gets going.
All the activities in the party bag are your saving grace for when things don't go quite the way you expect.
From extra guests to problems with the birthday meal or cake, these little bags of trinkets and goodies can take a party from disastrous to fabulous.
Each bag usually takes a minute or two to complete, costs around $1 to make, and can busy a child for the extra half-hour it takes to get the party going.
A good rule of thumb is to always make at least 5 more bags than you think you need for siblings, friends, and any other tagalongs that might wind up at the party.
With a little preparation and a tiny investment, your party can be the hit of the town.

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