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I Walk by Faith

Walking A walk by faith is very similar to our physical walk.
The very discipline of walking regularly as a habit is a challenge.
We go through many steps before we actually get to the door.
First, there is that painful process of getting up from that place of comfort.
I walk by faith not by sight is a spiritual discipline and a challenge.
Find the right shoes to wear.
Find the right clothes according to the weather.
Then get out of the house.
Finally comes the walking out.
Once you leave the comfort of your home, it seems as though the trail becomes the focus and the fresh air the prize.
Faith is a constant state of motion A walk by faith, Unlike a race, is not marked by speed or competition but rather by consistency and a steady pace.
The same principle works in our walk of faith.
It is a constant state of motion; and less like a job to be completed.
Eventually, we will find ourselves embedded in the secret places where Jesus rested.
In addition, just as we start in the physical act of walking, we also have to start somewhere our walk of faith.
We must get up from our place of complacency, wear the garments of our new nature in Christ, and learn to take this faith and put it in practice, in our homes, out into our areas of every day activities.
I walk by faith is possible.
Faith proves to you who you are Only when I walk by faith and not by what I see, have I truly started proving to myself first, that the faith I profess is real in daily situations.
After all the faith that moved mountains came from a man who moved in faith not for one miracle or one promise or one task but all the way from the manger to the cross.
We need to walk from our morning until our night and from our first words to our last breath.
One of my favorite passages in the Bible says without faith it is impossible to please God.
If you ever desire such a thing as pleasing God, the very first step is to have faith.
When you begin to believe, it must be on some object.
Here it is simply that God exists.
If you do not believe that then everything else falls apart.
I walk by faith affirms this.
Faith has rewards Faith begins with believing that God exists.
Faith also has a built in reward system.
When you cannot see God, in the normal way, we believe in the world, see, touch, and feel, and you exercise the super natural belief that God exists even though I cannot see him, truly pleases God himself.
When God is pleased, he always wants to reward that person who pleased him.
We get this reward not by a superficial courtesy glance at God.
This reward is only awarded o people who diligently, or very seriously seek God at the expense of all else.
This here involves to some degree certain sacrifices.
Without some inconvenience or sacrifice true searching and seeking would fail.
When I walk by Faith God has unbelievable rewards! We operate in faith everyday It is really not very difficult you know to trust in God.
In our daily life, we believe in so many things without seeing.
The very building in which you sit and work or live, you do it by belief and faith.
You believe that the builder built it strong enough not to collapse and fall on you one day.
The airplane you fly long distances is all about the belief in the pilot and the airline which trusts that pilot, all of whom you have not really known personally.
You need faith in the cook to eat the food in a restaurant.
Men need faith in the barber when they give their faces to shave.
He can cut your throat you know.
I can go on with examples of every day instances of faith in other human beings.
I walk by faith in God is easier to conceive than trust a human being.
Get a handle on what you cannot see When Paul said I walk by faith and not by sight, he meant that many things about things of God you do not get to see before you get it or experience it.
Because faith itself means that, it is our handle on what we cannot see.
Faith is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen; it gives us assurance about things we cannot see.
According to Heb 11 Joy and Fear When I walk by faith I take a step of faith (risk) because God said so, I am stepping into an unknown experience of pure joy and fear.
Once I begin to practice (exercise) this, the fear will slowly diminish and joy will increase.
I walk by faith by taking puny little steps for starters.
In His Eternal Love Robert Fenn

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