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Homemade Power - 7 Reasons Why You Might Want It

  • Outbuildings - If you have a garage or storage building that is too far away from the main house to easily get conventional electricity to it, then you might want to consider wind or solar power as an alternative.
     I have a garage and storage shed used to house the mowing equipment that is a perfect fit for renewable energy.
    I only needed lights and a couple of base plugs and when I inquired about power from the local power company it was going to require them adding another pole, me paying to trench underground from the pole to the buildings (about 300 feet) and having a separate meter with a separate bill to pay.
  • Dust to Dawn Lighting - Rather than pay a monthly fee to the power company for outside dust to dawn lighting or even have one wired to your home electricity, set it up off a wind or solar power source.
  • Electricity for your RV - If you are tired of noisy generators or having to hunt a caravan park while traveling in your RV, then create your own electricity via wind or solar power.
  • Camping - Solar power is great for use at your campsite.
  • Attic Fan - Reduce your summertime cooling bills by installing a solar powered attic fan.
  • Home and Home Heating - Of course you can go all out and power your home heating, appliances, computers, lights, etc.
    with homemade power.
     Some people replace their grid electricity with homemade power by doing a few items at a time.
     When they see how successfully it works for a few things then they are anxious to do more.
     And, of course, the net of converting to homemade power is to save, big time, on your electric bill.
     Any household items you can take off the grid will save you money on your power bill.
  • Backup Power Source - When the power goes off, switch critical items to your renewable power source.
     You won't have to worry about having gas for the generator or dealing with all the generator noise either.
As you can see you don't have to go totally with homemade power.
 But, there are some real practical reasons and places where solar or wind power can do the job much more efficiently and cheaper than electricity from the grid.

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