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4 Perfect Travel Destinations for Couples

Are you planning to head off to a vacation with your partner? Here are a few cool travel place options worth considering. Take a look -

1. Australia

It ranks high in most-favourite travel destinations of the world. One of the best features about Australia is its diversity. Ranging from the exotic wineries to the breathtaking locales, the platter is full of options for the traveler. It is a definite treat for the nature lovers with the presence of the very popular and very beautiful - Great Barrier Reef. The history lovers can check out - Queensland and the Penal Colony town. In short, couples will love to head to this destination for the varied attractions.
Traveling to Australia is not that expensive too. Just get in touch with any tour operator to find out the latest travel package there.

2. Napa Valley

There is a popular saying - Romance and wine go hand in hand - and what better way to prove this by heading to some of the beautiful places that offer just the exact combination. Napa Valley is one such place that you just cannot afford to miss. Whether you are planning for a honeymoon, or it's your 10th wedding anniversary, this place should be your hot pick for the season.
Stunning locales combined with beautiful weather makes it an apt ambience to spend quality time with your partner. If you are an adventure freak couple, then also you won't get disappointed coming here. Napa Valley gives you the pleasure of afternoon hiking for the perfect adrenalin rush.

3. Thailand

If you plan to go for a long vacation, then Thailand is the best place to opt. It is the perfect tourist destination for both urban and rustic art lovers. Some of the must visit cities in Thailand are - Phuket and Bangkok. You can also add Chiang Mai in your itinerary. Remember all these places have a distinct flavour to offer.

- Chiang Mai: Represents traditional Thai culture
- Phuket: A Romantic destination with white sand beaches
- Bangkok: Shopper's paradise

Most tour operators have special package holidays for traveling to Thailand. All you need to do is to search in the internet for the best tour operators in your neighbourhood.

4. French Polynesia

How often have you and you wife quarrelled over the selection of a right travel destination; reason - you like adventure while your wife loves peace and tranquility. Well, now with French Polynesia you do not have to face these issues. This place gives strong competition to the most popular travel destinations in the world. While you can enjoy the action-packed Moorea, you wife will love to relax and unwind in Bora.

Tip: divide the travel days equally between Moorea and Bora so that both of you can equally enjoy both places.

If you have a high budget, consider renting an over the water bungalow. This is surely going to delight your wife. Imagine watching the sunset while you snuggle with your wife sitting in the patio of the bungalow.

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