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Building a Patio to Increase Your Resell Value

Building a patio is a very reliable investment for home owners, particularly over time.
It naturally increases the resell value, but it also adds amenities, and it's often a very good design option, creating space, and dealing with that "unfinished" look many homes often have.
A modern home patio can be an absolute joy, and it can do great things for a house.
A new patio can add a lot to your house Patios are true design assets.
The patio can achieve enormous improvements in any house, including:
  • Extra living space
  • A personal space for homeowners
  • An entertainment area
  • A safe play area
  • Lighting and insulation effects
  • An indoor/outdoor area for gardeners
  • Space management for the outside zones
The patio is in effect an extension of the house.
It acts as a real property asset, providing living space at a fraction of the cost of a full extension.
Patios are also very durable things, and they're extremely low maintenance building options in terms of cost.
Design options and values Patios provide a lot of valuable, as well as useful, design options.
That's another area of flexibility conventional home renovations don't have, particularly relative to cost.
Patio designs can be tailored and built or bought "off the shelf", but they provide an invaluable exterior design value to houses which is both cost effective and practical.
To install or build a simple covered patio does as much as a new room in terms of adding functional space to a house.
Many people eventually enclose their patios because they've literally become part of the house.
This dual function design effect is one of the major values in patios, both in terms of cost and property upgrading.
Patios have a lot of design capabilities, too.
The many off the shelf designs, and they're a good indicator of what patios can do in terms of making a house look great at low cost.
Any basic house design can be turned into a real work of art with a good structural patio design.
This removes the "basic box effect" in new houses in particular, where the new house obviously needs something, but is looking a bit bare or underdone on its own.
Hard cash values- a patio can be a house and a half The design issues directly affect the value of a house.
A house with a big modern patio will outshine an identical house without it.
The perceived value of the house with the patio is much higher.
The appeal of the patio is loud and clear to buyers, who see added obvious value in the patio.
In hard cash terms, the difference is between a house and a house with much more substance in terms of both appearance and functional space.
In Australia in particular, the patio is a natural addition to a good house, and a definite cultural preference for home buyers.

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