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Build A Home Business As A Marketing Consultant Overnight...With This Laughably Simple Strategy

One of the best things about having a home business is that it's so easy to grow it once you get a client or two.
Why do I say this? Simply because of a little thing called "referrals.
" In fact, when it comes to referrals 2+2 can sometimes equal 10...
because every client you have is potentially worth one, two, three even five or more other clients in the future.
As someone who teaches people how to become home based marketing consultants, for example, I have seen entire businesses built completely on referral marketing -- which is fast, free and extremely consistent.
But here's the thing: Getting referrals is becoming almost a lost art today.
And few people really seem to understand how it works.
For example, there is something called "timing.
" What do I mean by that? Simply this:The point that you should ask for referrals is going to be different with every client and customer.
Sometimes they are so excited and happy with your work you can ask for referrals almost right out the gate.
Sometimes it takes three or four months before things start working and you can ask for referrals.
Really it comes down to whenever the client gives you a buying signal.
At that point all you have to say is:"Listen, I'm excited that this is working for us.
You feel like it's working for you?"or "I'm glad you liked my product, you feel it's been a real value to you?" When they say "Yes," that's when you ask for the referral.
And at that point you can say something like, "Well, would it be okay if maybe we sponsored a little workshop for some of your clients that I can share these services/products/ideas with some of them?" Almost nobody refuses that because it's such a "win/win" for everyone involved.
The client gives more value to his customers, you get more contacts and the people who attend are going to learn something of value they can really use.
Is it really that easy and simple to get booked up with clients in a home business? It sure is.
And if you simply learn the art and craft of asking for referrals, you'll be able to do the exact same thing, just as quickly and just as easily.

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