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Luxury Ski Chalets in Breckenridge

Breckenridge is surrounded by four picturesque peaks and is loaded with powdered ski areas.
Located at a height of 9500 ft in a U shaped valley, Breckenridge is a dream destination for skiers travelling to the USA during winters.
Around the western slope of the continental divide, Breckenridge has attained a reputation that none of the mountain resorts have achieved till date.
Breckenridge is known for its chalets and star hotels and is the only true challenger to its Swiss counterparts.
Chalets, at one point in time, had a European hold and every other chalet in other parts of the world were considered as a poor copy of the original herder's idea of living in the snow.
But today, any skiing experience is incomplete without putting up in a chalet at Breckenridge.
For a traveler, an experience of being in a chalet is so much bigger and better than putting up in a five star hotel.
The conditions in a chalet are more personalized.
You would be pampered like a king and there would be several people who would be ready to take care of all your needs.
Breckenridge chalets are different from other American chalets as they appear and f eel like the European ones.
Most other chalet accommodations have changed so much so that the real differentiating factor between a condo, apartment, hotel and a chalet has reduced.
The most popular way of spending your hard earned holiday, in a Swiss Alps equivalent, is to book a stay in one of the catered chalets in Breckenridge Mountains.
These chalets vary greatly in shapes and sizes.
If you are travelling in large groups then book a chalet yourself and get better deals, or you can also opt for the services of a holiday expert.
For most people ski holidays in Breckenridge are not just about skiing down the slopes, it also includes the accommodation facilities.
It completes an excellent vacation and makes you feel good once you are back to your daily routine life.
Most of these chalets can accommodate around 10-20 people and hence are considered a great option for group travelers.
Once you enter a chalet the host will pamper you with breakfast everyday, on time.
Once your tank is full you'd be escorted to the ski area and on your return you'll have lunch served up to you, again on time.
Dinner generally is a seven course delight and you'll never want to come back to your mundane lifestyle.
All in all, you get more than you could even ask; food is just one part of the Breckenridge chalets experience.
Pamper yourself!

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