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Pesticide Poisoning

There are a few chemicals that Americans use on a daily basis that can cause serious injury or death just by inhalation or skin exposure.
The most dangerous of these chemicals are pesticides.
While Americans do regularly use potentially toxic chemicals for things such as cleaning, these chemicals must be ingested or be exposed to for a long period of time to become toxic.
But pesticides can cause serious injury just through contact.
Routes of Pesticide Exposure Every year there are hundreds of thousands of deaths from pesticide poisoning throughout the world.
These deaths occur through various routes of exposure to the toxin including:
  • Accidental self harm--this is when individuals buy pesticides and use them improperly.
    They may be the victim of a canister which is pointed the wrong way or they could be using a pesticide that is poorly labeled.
    In these situations, the manufacturer of a given product usually fails to mention that the chemical in question is toxic.
  • Occupational exposure--this is exposure to pesticides through work.
    Employers who require employees to use pesticides are legally responsible for keep them safe.
    If an employer fails to supply the proper protective suits to their employees, they are acting illegally and can be sued by injured workers or the families of killed workers.
Pesticide poisoning is a very serious issue in the United States and other parts of the world.
While the United States does have much stricter safety requirements that must be enforced by employers, there are still many instances of injury and death in this country.

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