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How to Get a Mortgage Removed From a Deed

    • 1). Pay off your mortgage loan in full. Call your lender as soon as you're ready to do so to ask for a payoff statement. This statement outlines the terms of your loan, including all remaining principal, interest and fees you have to pay to satisfy the obligation.

    • 2). Request a copy of what is called the "satisfaction of mortgage" or "satisfaction piece." This document proves that you paid off the loan and the lender no longer has a claim on the house. You also receive a copy of the mortgage note showing "paid in full."

    • 3). Take the satisfaction piece and mortgage note to your local county records office. Ask a clerk to update the deed to remove the mortgage per the documentation. The exact process varies by county.

    • 4). Wait to receive a copy of your updated deed in the mail and ensure that the county records office removed the mortgage information. The updated deed should show only your name as well as any co-owners of the house.

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