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Wallpaper - Love it or Loathe it!

Wallpaper is back in style and has been creeping slowly up in popularity for the last three to four years.
The manufacturers and designers have created some beautiful designs, lovely textures and extensive color selections.
But the same old problem applies.
You do get sick and tired of looking at wallpaper.
It is so much easier to change a paint color, grap a tin of paint and a roller and away you go.
Have you ever tried to hang wallpaper? I tell you, it is divorce material if you are DIYing with your husband!! Plus being on small stature, it is very difficult to hang climbing a ladder.
I must admit, they have much better technology now, pre-pasted papers take away some of the pain, but trying to match a pattern is still a nightmare.
I have just finished an apartment for a client and we have used wallpaper throughout.
It looks superb, I have used textured papers in the main living and bedroom areas.
They provided color to the walls and broke up the large expanses of wall, becoming a subtle backdrop for a collection of antiques.
Here is the catch, it wasn't a DIY job for me so I didn't hang it, a professional was employed and what a difference that makes.
Big and bold patterns are hip, but best suited to commercial situations I feel.
The provide a great talking point in restaurants and hotels, and lets face it, they redecorate every five years anyway! I suppose where I am coming from is, wallpaper is a great designers tool, but make sure you select your design wisely and to save time, money and your relationship, hire a professional wallpaper hanger to do the job for you!

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