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What Is Microsoft's CTP Program?

    Beta Testing

    • Beta testing is done via a small release of software to developers and IT professionals to allow them to check that the software functions correctly before it is released for general sale to the public.

    CTP Releases

    • CTP releases are sent to a very small number of professionals, who have signed up for the CTP in advance. Sign-ups for the CPT program are offered by Microsoft periodically prior to any large new offering, and the actual CPT happens well in advance of beta releases; for example, the Office 2010 CPT release was in July 2009.

    Community Technology Previews

    • Community Technology Previews allow journalists to comment on software before its release and also allow a certain amount of testing; a dialogue between the recipients and Microsoft is encouraged. However, there is no certainty that what is presented as a CTP and what is released will match, and often CTPs are cut-down versions of the final product, so much functionality is missing.

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