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We choose Tulum as our vacation destination simply because of its rich nature setting.
It is sheltered on one side by ocean cliffs, and on the others by a stone wall.
In 900 AD, at the end of the Classic period, the Mayan civilization began to decline.
But in this Post Classic era, small rival city states developed, and one of this is Tulum.
It was founded around 1200 as a commercial trading port, and reached its height of importance in the 1400s.
The city was busy at the time of the Spanish conquest, and survived for 70 years after the Spanish arrived.
Tulum can get hot and crowded by 10 am, so it is best to visit in the morning before the cruise boat and bus groups arrived.
Buses don't run into the hotel zone, so taxi or rental car is your only option for getting around.
The beach is relaxing, and some people simply get to their hotel and stay there - so transportation is not a main issue.
Massive Tulum hotel availability is a trademark of this archeological site on Mexico's Caribbean coast.
Where finding an ideal hotel in South Mexico is simple: just select your hotel category, find your perfect lodging and book a room rate that suits your budget.
From business travel to a relaxing vacation, you can seek out a discounted hotel deal with all Tulum hotels.
Nevertheless, Tulum have small shopping area with a money exchange, dive shop, bike rentals and several restaurants.
All Tulum hotels [http://www.
html] and businesses in this area generate their own power with either generators or a combination of renewable resources such as wind and solar power.
As we drive through the hotel zone, we notice on the inland side of the street a few wind turbines spinning above.
We also observed that this stretch of beachside road doesn't have electricity poles or power lines either -- a rare sight in today's world -- given that the Tulum hotel zone doesn't have 24-hour electricity.
The reason behind is that, these hotels as a group are committed to the lights-out policy despite the modern inconvenience just to keep the beach a safe haven for nesting turtles.
In the end, it is highly unlikely for the traveler to get bored in Tulum, with its white limestone beaches and sapphire blue Caribbean waters which are perfect for sunbathing, swimming and snorkeling.
So packed your sunglasses and sunscreen and enjoy the beauty of this spectacular place.

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