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A Sintering Furnace Is Used For Sintering And Curing Applications

The process of sintering is defined as a method that is used to create objects from powders. Essentially, this process entails melting metal powders at a high temperature to get one uniform compound. This process works on the principle of atomic diffusion, which occurs at high temperatures. A sintering furnace is a device that is used for sintering as well as treating and curing freshly sintered materials such as cast steel and other molded materials (such as bricks, concrete slabs and porcelain). This device offers controlled temperature and pressure conditions. This furnace is also typically used for pre-sintering process.

These furnaces are widely used in the metal working and metallurgy industry as this is where a number of metals need to be melted to form compounds. So if there is an industry that carries out fabrication of tungsten and molybdenum, you can be pretty sure that they make use of a sintering furnace. Similarly, sintering is a process that is also integral to the nuclear power generation and research industry, hence these furnaces would be found in such cases too.

Since these devices are a significant investment, it is important to consider several critical factors before you decide to purchase one:

1. Do you think a standard furnace would be suitable for your requirements, or does your application call for the use of custom-made equipment? This is the first step towards getting the right type of sintering or vacuum furnace.
2. The next things that you need to discuss with your manufacturer/supplier are the temperature conditions and process atmosphere that you need.
3. Another important point to consider would be the size of the objects that you need to process, as well as the mass of components that will be treated inside the furnace.
4. In most cases, industries request for a custom made sintering or vacuum furnace. This request can be easily honored because such devices are made on a single-unit basis.

These furnaces need to be made to exacting specifications and should adhere to the highest safety and quality benchmarks. These furnaces provide a controlled atmosphere with respect to the heating temperature, pressure and time. This also offers greater reputability for continuous production processes or batch production. Electrical power is often used to power the entire apparatus; hence it is imperative to choose a product that offers cost-effective operations. The core heating elements are usually made of modified elements such as nickel and chromium. These materials do not deteriorate easily when used over an extended period.

Besides, if the process is an extremely high-temperature one, walking beam furnaces may be used. There a number of manufacturers who offer a wide variety of options when it comes to a sintering furnace.

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