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How to Prevent a Relationship From Breaking Down

Relationships are the essence of life of a human being.
If a relationship is going towards the direction of break up it needs immediate attention or it will ruin life.
It may be difficult to fix a relationship that is going wrong but it is worth the effort.
With the tips and advice we are going to provide you, it will not seem all that difficult either.
It will just require some time, some thought and some effort from both partners.
Don't get daunted by the mention of both partners.
Take initiative, do what we suggest and see how he too responds and things start moving.
So, the first piece of advice is recognize warning signs and get into repair mode before things go beyond the possibility of repair.
If you see issues developing in your relationship, confront them and deal with them before they split you apart.
Involve your partner also in dealing with them; he will see your sincerity and certainly become more sincere himself.
Secondly, recall what was it that brought you closer to your partner? Was he generous and warm? Was he considerate? Was he a good parent? Thinking about good aspects of your partner will facilitate re-forging of a more positive and meaningful relationship.
Compliment your partner whenever you get an opportunity and let him know you like what he says and does.
This can bring some of the sparkle back in your partner and make him interested in repair.
Thirdly, reconnect with your partner physically.
No, no; don't jump right away into sexual mode; start in more subtle ways like with kisses and hugs.
Your partner may feel somewhat uneasy especially if physical contacts in the past have always meant sex.
But over time, he will like your touches and come closer to you physically and emotionally.
This will be perhaps the best thing for the bruised relationship.
Fourthly, learn to wade through negative emotions and memories and visualize positive moments.
This way you will be able to improve your attitude which will soon get reflected in an improvement in the relationship.
It will take a little effort in the beginning, but it is really like an avalanche; once things start moving, they quickly gather speed and momentum.
In this improved atmosphere, it will be easier for both of you to connect and to work on the problem points in the relationship.
Finally, honesty is of crucial importance when you try to repair a relationship.
If you are honest in your desire to save the relationship it will be a lot easier to find ways and means for that and to secure your partner's cooperation as well.
However, if you have ulterior motives in mind or are not sincere, believe it that he will see through it and the entire process will come to a screeching halt.
So, be sincere, honest and truthful in your efforts, and you will find that the relationship has already started improving.

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