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Need A Bacterial Vaginosis Remedy That Works?

Finding a bacterial vaginosis remedy that works is often a daunting, frustrating task. As common as bacterial vaginosis is. Approximately 1 in 400 women have it at any given time. Most women have problems with curing it permanently.

So why is finding an effective bacterial vaginosis remedy so hard?

Unfortunately your first instinct here is probably wrong.. That is if your first instinct is to use medications to treat your bacterial vaginosis. This is what women typically do after seeing their doctor. Unfortunately when you take antibiotics you get relief for a little while. But. you usually get infected again after about a month or so.

Antiobiotics as a bacterial vaginosis remedy do not work. When you take them you simply eradicate all the bacteria in your system. That's the reason people get bad breath from taking antibiotics. because you eliminate all the beneficial bacteria in your digestive tract.

Bacteria may seem disgusting and dirty, but your body needs some to function correctly. Your body also contains good bacteria which help you fight off sickness and maintain defenses against your bad bacteria. When you take antibiotics you wipe out all your good bacteria along with your bad. This leaves you more susceptible to infection than before.

So what's a good bacterial vaginosis remedy?

I personally feel that the best way to combat bacterial vaginosis is by using all natural methods. Your body is made to fight off infection. It's super good at it! If you employ a few natural cures that help your body you can easily eliminate bacterial vaginosis from your life.

The first step you need to take when priming your body to fight off infection is to increase your Folic Acid intake. Folic Acid helps your body fight of infection and it helps you to metabolize protein. It is essential to helping you defeat infection.

Ok, so where can you get a good dose of Folic Acid? Unfortunately, you will not find it in a cheeseburger! Your gonna have to look towards dark, leafy, and green veggies to get folic acid.

Next time you find yourself in the supermarket make sure to include some of these foods which are high in Folic Acid: Greens. basically anything that is leafy or green will be high in Folic Acid. Nuts. Seeds... anything that is whole grain and not processed. All fruits. especially citrus fruits.

I don't typically rely on supplements for this. Like they say too much of a good thing can be bad! An average woman should only consume between 400-1000 micrograms of Folic Acid a day. If you consume more than 1000 micrograms a day you can be setting yourself up for complications later on.

Another common and effective bacterial vaginosis remedy is to consume garlic. Garlic has antibiotic properties and it also acts as an antiviral agent. Countless studies prove garlic's worth in preventing and getting rid of infection.

There have been tons of studies done that show garlic to be a super effective bacterial vaginosis remedy. Try to use fresh garlic as much as possible. If you don't like the taste or can't stand the odor. go to your health food store and by some garlic capsules. They are odorless and fairly inexpensive.

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