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How to Wash a Dress Shirt

    • 1). Flip up the collar, locate the collar stays and remove them. Collar stays are prone to warping during the wash cycle, rendering them useless for holding your collar straight.

    • 2). Turn your dress shirt inside out. This will minimize wear on the exterior seams and protect the buttons.

    • 3). Put your shirt in your washing machine and add laundry detergent, following the guidelines on the detergent label. If your shirt is white or light in color, wash it in hot water, while darker colored dress shirts can be washed in a cold water cycle.

    • 4). Remove your dress shirt from the washing machine immediately after the washing cycle is complete. This prevents the shirt from excessive wrinkling and helps maintain crispness.

    • 5). Hang dry your dress shirt, if possible. This preserves the original color of the fabric and adds to the wearable life of the shirt.

    • 6). Unbutton your dress shirt and iron it, one panel at a time.

    • 7). Insert the collar stays back into the collar of your dress shirt.

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