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Hypercet Formula Ingredients - What Natural Elements Can Be Found in Hypercet?

Hypercet is one of the leading natural supplements for controlling and lowering both the cholesterol and blood pressure levels.
It is made by one of the most respected natural health products manufacturers in the US and the product itself enjoys an excellent reputation for its effectiveness.
It actually consists of two separate products - cholesterol formula and blood pressure formula.
Hypercet Cholestrol Formula - The main ingredient of the cholesterol formula is Calcium 560mg, followed by Beta 1, 3 glucans 200mg followed Magnesium and Chromium.
Used in proper dosage these essential elements can be very powerful way to protect your health from high cholesterol and possible heart attack in the future.
As you can see Calcium is not good only for your bones but is very beneficial for your heart as well.
In combination with Magnesium it is one of the leading elements responsible for stopping hemorrhages.
Hypercet Blood Pressure Formula - this is actually a blend of five essential elements needed for healthy cardio-vascular system.
Again it uses Calcium and Magnesium (fourth most abundant mineral in the body) in combination with Malic Acid (usually found in apples and grapes, an essential element for series of chemical reactions carried out in the living cell), Citric Acid (usually found in Citrus fruits like lemons and limes, important fo removal of carbon dioxide from the cells, as well as many other reactions) and Glycine (non-essential amino acid found naturally in beans, dairy products, meat, seafoods, nuts and whole grains - needed for processing of hemoglobin, glutathione, DNA, and RNA, helps with brain function, important for a healthy prostate gland).
So to conclude, all ingredients found in both Hypercet formulas are 100% natural and without any know side effects.
If you suffer from high cholesterol and/or blood pressure Hypercet could be just what you need in order to control and eliminate these serious health problems.

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