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Cat Health Advice on Food and Nutrition

The best cat health advice on food for your cats is remembering they are strict carnivores and need a lot more protein than dogs or other pets.
Your little tiger should be eating a good quality canned dish which contains taurine as this prevents blindness and heart disease.
You should avoid meals containing the chemical pentobarbital as they can be harmful if eaten on a regular basis.
Any grains have not use to a little tiger and can actually cause many issues.
Grains such as corn, wheat and soy can cause chronic skin and era infections.
It can also be increase flea and worm infestations, cause cancer, weaken their bones, create skin problems and weakened their immune system.
This is because if their diet is not mainly meat then you risk them falling ill because their bodies do not process other things well.
Therefore meat should be the number one substance in their dish.
You should steer clear of any foods containing BHA, BHT and ethoxyquin because these are used to increase their shelf life even though they increase the risk of cancer, immune deficiencies and kidney problems.
If your cat's cuisine in a can says meat as its main additive then you should avoid this product because it fails to reveal what protein you are getting.
In other words it is likely to be crushed intestines, heart liver and bones instead of the real thing.
If the cuisine states chicken then it is likely to be very good for your furry friend.
Even if this means buying something a little more expensive than the cheaper brands you are actually saving money in the long run because your furry friend will be healthier which means fewer vet bills.

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