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How to Load Pontoon Boats on a Ramp

    • 1). Pilot the pontoon boat across the water in the direction of the ramp. Once near the landing, pilot the boat a short way out from the landing; line the bow of the pontoon boat with the landing. Idle the motor and stay in position until the vehicle on land backs the pontoon trailer into the water, ensuring that the trailer is not crooked.

    • 2). Engage the motor into gear on the pontoon boat, and slowly approach the landing. As the landing draws closer, note the depth of the water, and raise the trim of the motor to preventing dinging the propeller on the ground. Line the pontoon with the trailer so that the trailer sits directly between the boat's two pontoons.

    • 3). Slowly bring the pontoon boat onto the trailer until met with resistance. Increase the motor's throttle slightly to continue sliding forward along the trailer. This will also serve to straighten the pontoon boat along the trailer and prevent the boat from tipping over. If the boat is unable to advance further onto the trailer, have the vehicle's driver slowly back the trailer further into the water.

    • 4). Turn off the motor once the pontoon is fully on the trailer. Have the vehicle's driver slowly pull the boat and trailer out of the water. Once fully out of the water and on level ground, secure the pontoon to the trailer using towing straps on the front and rear. Both the pontoon boat and the trailer are equipped to support the towing straps, with metal loops for placement of the straps' hooks. Lower the trim on the motor as far as possible.

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