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How to Make Cartoon Maps

    • 1). Sketch out a broad layout for the map from the research. Include the names of the main roads, buildings and areas you want to include in the map. If you are working with a client, get feedback and approval. Make adjustments as necessary.

    • 2). Add details to the sketch in a cartoonish way, such as emphasizing features of buildings, creating signs, adding trees and creating people as cartoon caricatures. Add labels to buildings, parks and other areas as necessary. Include signs for punch line humor, like "SS Minnow" on a yacht. Once again, if you are working with a client, get approval before moving to the next step.

    • 3). Make a copy of your work and then create line art working with the copy. Creating line work is simply going over the sketch's lines with a black pen or marker.

    • 4). Add color using your favorite media, such as watercolors, colored pencils, paint and markers or scan the sketch into the computer and use your favorite graphic software. Present to the client, if you have one and collect your money.

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