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How to Build a Red Headed Woodpecker Feeder

    • 1). Select a thick branch. It should be at least 4 inches in diameter and cut to 18 inches long.

    • 2). Use your 1.5-inch hole drill and drill the first hole about an inch from the top, all the way through the wood. Move down an inch and turn the branch a quarter turn and drill another hole so that you now have holes in opposing directions. Repeat until you have 6 holes going through your wood. Leave about 6 inches at the end of the branch so that the woodpecker can use its tail to prop itself up while feeding.

    • 3). Screw the hook into the top. Select a hook appropriate for whatever you plan to hang the bird feeder on.

    • 4). Wrap the branch tightly in aluminum foil and use a sharp knife to cut out the holes on only one side. Leave the other side with foil on so that the suet won't leak out.

    • 5). Heat the blocks of suet in a microwave safe container until they are about the consistency of soft butter. This will make filling the feeder much easier.

    • 6). Spoon the suet into the holes. Fill each hole completely and let dry until solid. Remove the aluminum foil and recycle.

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