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Handcrafted Chamilia Charms

Handcrafted Chamilia Charms [] are made usually from Sterling silver or from gold. There is also a selection of Murano glass beads and enamel charms as well. Chamilia charms are to be placed on a charm bracelet. Charm bracelets are very popular fashion jewelry. There is a fairly large collection of Chamilia charms, and while they don't have the same popularity as Pandora charms, for example, they still do hold a good sized niche in the market.

Chamilia charms are placed on a Chamilia bracelet, and the charms are entirely interchangeable meaning that you can choose different selections of charms on the bracelets at different times, depending on your mood, the occasion or what you are wearing.

As with most of the different type of charm beads, Chamilia has come up with different categorizations of their beads. One of the more popular collections they have is the Disney collection, where you will find all of the popular Disney characters symbolized by either a silver, gold or murano glass bead. Other sets include the Swarovski set, the animal set, the spiritual set, a family set and the sports set. The beads are all hand crafted, and they are nicely designed for the most part.

Chamilia was founded in 2002, a US company that has been trying to take on the popular Charm jewelry sector. While they don't have the same popularity or worldwide appeal as Pandora and Italian charms, they do offer a nice selection of over 600 beads and it seems that they are fairly popular with some people.

The idea behind charm jewelry, where you have interchangeable charms, is to provide women with a selection of jewelry to choose from, allowing them to customize their own jewelry according to their mood, or their desire. Of course this idea was an instant hit with women all over the world, thus firmly entrenching charm jewelry in the fashion and accessory worlds.

As well as producing charm bracelets, and the charm beads, Chamilia also sells necklaces and anklets, as well as some other jewelry. Bracelets are standard size, ranging from six to nine and a half inches in length. Beads are twisted onto the bracelet and can be anchored in place by adding special locks to each end of the bracelet.

The best place to buy Chamilia charms is to order them from an online jewelry store, as they are offered for sale on quite a few sites.

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