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MR2 Personalized Tag Ideas


    • A plate idea to remind those driving behind you of the speed of your car is "FASTTOY." While most MR2s came from the factory with zero-to-60 mph times in the eight-second range, many drivers have found ways to modify them to achieve more acceleration.


    • The second-generation Toyota MR2, produced between 1989 and 1999, shared many styling cues with the Ferrari 355. The cars shared pop-up headlights, similarly shaped vents going along the doors and a flying buttress design, allowing for a flat bonnet above the engine while still keeping an aerodynamic shape behind the car's C-pillar. Oddly, the 355 was not introduced until 1994, a few years into the second-generation MR2's life cycle.


    • Drivers of performance-minded roadsters like to taunt each other about the performance of their respective automobiles. One of the favorite victims of an MR2 owner's proud words is the BMW Z3. Another variant of this plate that would be appropriate is "Z4BEATR."


    • Toyota's MR2 is renowned for its handling prowess, which is due in part to its engine location, but also to its light weight. The third-generation, produced from 2000 to 2007, was the lightest at just under 2,200 lbs. This lightweight gives these vehicles nimble handling and a clever claim to a personalized license plate. Another variant you could choose is "LYTW8."


    • The most mass-produced roadster of all time, the Mazda Miata MX-5, is a common rival of the MR2. The Mazda uses a conventional front-engine design and is far more common than the MR2. Despite their differences, it is their similarities in size, affordability and power that makes this rivalry a fun one on the tracks.


    • If you purchase a Toyota MR2, you have clearly made the decision that you support a small, lightweight vehicle with a relatively powerful 4-cylinder motor. This car's design is fundamentally at odds with the muscle car idea of pure V-8 motoring power and you can let Mustang drivers know your feelings as you pass them by with this plate.

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