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Romantic Music Composers

31. Edward MacDowell

Edward Alexander MacDowell was an American composer, pianist and teacher who was one of the first to incorporate native tunes in his works. Primarily known for his piano pieces, particularly his smaller works; MacDowell became the head of the music department of Columbia University from 1896 to 1904.More »

32. Gustav Mahler

Mahler is known for his songs, cantatas and symphonies which he wrote in several keys. Some of his works require a huge orchestra, for example, the "Eighth Symphony in E flat" also called the Symphony of A Thousand.

33. Felix Mendelssohn

Prolific composer of the Romantic period, He was a piano and violin virtuoso. Some of his most notable compositions are "A Midsummer Night's Dream Opus 21," "Italian Symphony" and "Wedding March."More »

34. Giacomo Meyerbeer

Composer of the Romantic period known for the "grand operas." A grand opera refers to the type of opera which emerged in Paris during the 19th century. It's an opera of a larger scale, from the flamboyant costumes to the choruses; it also includes ballet. An example of this type is Robert le Diable (Robert the Devil) by Giacomo Meyerbeer.More »

35. Modest Mussorgsky

Russian composer who served in the military. Although his father wanted him to pursue a military career, it was evident that Mussorgsky's passion was in music.More »

36. Jacques Offenbach

One of the composers who helped develop and define the operetta. He composed over 100 stage works among them are "Orphée aux enfers" and "Les Contes d’Hoffmann" which was left unfinished when he died. The "Can-Can" from "Orphée aux enfers" remains very popular; it has been performed many times and used in several films including "Ice Princess" and "Stardust."More »

37. Niccolò Paganini

An Italian composer and virtuoso violinist during the 19th century. His most famous work is the "24 Caprices" for the unaccompanied violin. His works, violin techniques and flamboyant performances impressed many composers and critics of his time. However, his fame also incited a lot of rumors.More »

38. Giacomo Puccini

An Italian composer of the Romantic period who comes from a family of church musicians. Puccini's La Bohème is considered by many as his masterpiece.More »

39. Sergei Rachmaninoff

Russian piano virtuoso and composer. Under the advice of his cousin, a concert pianist by the name of Aleksandr Siloti, Sergey was sent to study at the Moscow Conservatory under Nikolay Zverev. Aside from ""Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini," Rachmaninoff's other works include "Prelude in C-sharp minor, Op. 3 no. 2" and "Piano Concerto no. 2 in C minor."More »

40. Gioachino Rossini

Italian composer known for his operas, specifically his opera buffa. He created over 30 operas among them are "The Barber of Seville" which premiered in 1816 and "William Tell" which premiered in 1829. Aside from playing different musical instruments such as the harpsichord, horn and violin, Rossini could also sing and loved to cook.More »

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