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How to Get Your Girlfriend Back - Top 5 Tips

Losing your girlfriend is easy, winning her back is not.
The tips below provide insight into the progression of events following a breakup and help you understand how to get your girlfriend back.
Accept The Breakup When you struggle to accept the breakup, you establish a pattern of confrontation.
She knows and expects every conversation with you will be unpleasant.
She'll stop returning your calls and avoid you at every turn.
Nothing pleases a woman more than hearing "you're right", so give her what she wants and accept the breakup.
You'll live to reconcile another day.
End It With A Note Use a simple, personal, hand written note to agree with the breakup.
Avoid the temptation to sprinkle the note with guilt or a plea to get back together.
A short letter will convey maturity and open the lines of communication for future conversations.
Don't Beg Or Plead Nothing will tarnish your chances of reconciling faster than begging for forgiveness.
It lowers your value as a man when she sees you groveling.
Your goal is to improve your worth in her eyes not diminish her opinion of you as a partner.
Use Separation To Your Advantage Your girlfriend has grown accustomed to your attention and affection.
If you choose to limit communication she'll want to know why and begin to question her decision.
Doubts and uncertainty will creep into her thoughts, effectively turning the tables as she begins to pursue you for answers.
Don't Try To Reconcile Too Soon A common mistake men make is jumping at the first opportunity to reconcile.
You get that first phone call and misinterpret her actions.
She's not ready to reconcile, she just wants to know if she made a mistake.
It also means the thought of getting back together is being entertained.

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