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How to Remove Air Bubbles From a Screen Protector

    • 1). Power off your device.

    • 2). Use the edge of a credit card to press the bubbles out. Do not press too hard if you have a soft LCD screen. Heat the film just slightly with a blow dryer to soften it, but do not overheat the film or the device. Hold the credit card at an angle and work from the center toward the edges.

    • 3). Remove the film and dunk it in a solution of rubbing alcohol, water and soap if the credit card did not sufficiently remove the bubbles. Fill a bowl or a tray with equal parts of alcohol and water and add one drop of soap. Peel the film off of the screen and submerge it in the solution. Hold the film up and shake of the excess liquid. Re-apply the film to the screen.

    • 4). Smooth down the newly applied film with a credit card and let it dry. Within thirty minutes the solution will evaporate and your protector should be newly adhered and laying flat.

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