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Our vision is one of those wonderful gifts most of us take for granted. Vision is a gift to be cherished. Maintaining good vision and taking care of our eyes is a relatively simple task for the vast majority. Being aware of the importance of protecting your vision can help you to avoid problems with it in the future. Your eyes care a part of the body like the skin that you can do things to slow the aging process of using certain precautions that take little time to implement. So its very important to use eye care product to protect eye.

Eye Care Tips

Take a vitamin diet to make eyes brighter.
Wash eyes with cold water to get gleaming eyes.
Put sliced cucumber over your eyes to avoid dark circles.
Soak cotton in Luke warm milk and cover eyes with it for 15 min.
To soothe tired eyes, dip cotton pads in chilled milk and place on closed eyes for 10 minutes. Now relax completely.
To completely relax the eyes and the surrounding muscles, close your eyes and think of something that is pleasant or soothing and at a distance.
If your eye twitches, or your eyes are red and feeling itchy, massage your scalp with curd.

There are various types of eye-care products available. Various Eye Care Products are:

Eye Drops, Eye Cream & Gel - The most effective way to use eye cream and gel is to combine it with some simple massage steps. Dip a few dots of the eye cream or gel around your eye area. Starting at the corner below the eye, slowly massage outwards. Then tap lightly under the eye.

Benefits of Eye Drops, Eye Cream & Gel

Relieves redness of the eye due to minor eye irritations.
For relief of red irritated eyes.
For the temporary relief of burning, irritation, and discomfort due to dryness of the eye or exposure to wind or sun
May be used as a protestant against further irritation.

Eye Wrinkle Cream - Eye Wrinkle Cream is an enriching cream.

Benefits of Eye Wrinkle Cream

It is designed to promote hydration, while reducing flaking and dryness in the delicate eye area.
It helps to reduce the appearance of serious dark circles and discoloration in the per-orbital (eye) area.

Eyeglasses - Eyeglasses are the most common form of eyewear used to correct or improve many types of vision problems.

Benefits of Eyeglasses

Eyeglasses are a frame that holds two pieces of glass or plastic, which have been ground into lenses to correct refractive errors.
Refractive errors can include nearsightedness or myopia (difficulty seeing far away), farsightedness or hyperopia (difficulty seeing close up).
Eyeglasses perform this function by adding or subtracting focusing power to the eye's cornea and lens.

Contact Lens - A contact lens is a corrective, cosmetic lens usually placed on the cornea of the eye. Contact lenses usually serve the same corrective purpose as conventional glasses, but are lightweight and virtually invisible. Some cosmetic lenses are deliberately colored for altering the appearance of the eye.

Benefits of Contact Lenses

It was close to natural vision, with no side effects if worn and fitted correctly
Excellent peripheral vision for sports, for driving, for safety, for performing
For those who prefer the way they look without glasses - or find glasses to be cumbersome and awkward - contacts can provide ease, convenience and comfort.
For those who have always wanted to change their eye color, contacts can provide baby blues, gorgeous greens, heavenly hazels - and even patterns and designs.
For those who think laser surgery and its risks are frightening and prohibitively expensive, contacts can provide a safe, comfortable and time-tested alternative.

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