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Looking For Home Remedies For Reflux? What Gets Rid Of Heartburn?

Are you tired of using your body like a science experiment to see what works and doesn't work to get rid of your acid reflux? Most over-the-counter medicine for acid reflux or heartburn does not work well.
If acid reflux won't go away, you need to take a trip back into the land of the home remedies for reflux.
What reflux remedy is for you? Unfortunately, not all remedies for reflux fit everyone.
However, finding the one that works for you can be the last time you have to search for a way to get rid of your heartburn.
Home remedies for reflux can be fun.
Potassium is a great source for heartburn.
Bananas and peanut butter are rich in potassium.
A great reflux remedy is a peanut butter and banana sandwich.
If this doesn't sound yummy to you, you can always use the peanut butter as a dipping sauce for a banana.
Heartburn is a common symptom of acid reflux.
Here are a few ways on how to avoid heartburn.
An apple a day keeps the heartburn away.
Eating an apple after a hearty and acid reflux triggering meal can help stave off heartburn.
Eating raw almonds is another reflux remedy that has been around for centuries.
The almonds are a great source of calcium.
Calcium is the most common natural remedy for heartburn.
When you eat raw almonds, your body's PH becomes balanced.
You can mix and match by combining the almonds in a bowlful of peanut butter.
Other home remedies for reflux or heartburn are chewing gum after a meal, drinking Chamomile tea, and drinking unprocessed aloe vera juice twice a day.
Now, it is time for the not so fun remedies for reflux.
A tablespoon of baking soda in water can help you get rid of your heartburn.
This is not as tasty as other home remedies such as lemon juice in water, but it is effective.
Apple cider vinegar is not that tastiest vinegar, but taking one or two teaspoons of it will help you reduce the effects of acid reflux.
You can mix it up with some honey or lemon in your tea.
Exercise is not a cursed word.
It is a fantastic way to get rid of heartburn.
If you lose 10% of your body fat, you will reduce the occurrence of acid reflux symptoms.
Sleeping on your left side can help relieve acid reflux.
This can be unpleasant for people who sleep on their back, stomach or right side.
However, sleeping on your stomach or right side can enhance your acid reflux.
If you are having a hard time adjusting your sleeping position, try using a body pillow to comfort you.
A few lifestyle changes can also act as natural remedies for reflux.
You should avoid alcohol, stop smoking and resist the urge to overeat.
If you start practicing these behaviors, you will notice a decrease in heartburn and acid reflux.
You should also keep a journal and write down what you have eaten right before you have acid reflux.
This will help you determine your trigger foods.
Once you know your trigger foods, you should be able to avoid eating them.
This is not that fun, because most trigger foods are delicious.
However, it's the price you have to pay to avoid heartburn.

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