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How to Word a Western Wedding Reception Invitation

    • 1). Ask your guests to join the celebration as "Jane Ann Smith and John David Jones ride off into the sunset of their happily ever after." Follow this with the date, time and location of your reception.

    • 2). Invite family and friends to "Saddle up for the event of the year as Jane Ann Smith and John David Jones celebrate their nuptials." Again, include the date, time and location.

    • 3). Tell your guests to "Kick up your boots for a wedding hoedown," followed by the bride and groom's names and the vitals of the event.

    • 4). Design your invitation as a "Wanted" poster. Make the heading "WANTED" in large type, followed by smaller writing saying "YOU -- to join Jane Ann Smith and John David Jones as they celebrate their marriage." (See References 1) The date, time and location can be printed like the fugitive description and reward on an old-fashioned "Wanted" poster.

    • 5). Combine a traditional invitation request with a touch of the Old West. "You are cordially invited to attend as Jane Ann Smith and John David Jones become pardners for life on Saturday, April 16, 2011, high noon, at the OK Corral."

    • 6). Show a bride lassoing a cowboy and write, "Jane Ann Smith finally lassoed John David Jones into marrying her. Please join them as they celebrate." The concept can be reversed with the cowboy lassoing the bride. (See References 1)

    • 7). Invite your guests to "Join Jane Ann Smith and John David Jones at the hitchin' post."

    • 8). Tell your guests to "Dust off your hat and shine those spurs! Jane Ann Smith and John David Jones are gettin' hitched!"

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