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How to Load iTunes Songs Onto Another iPod

    • 1). Connect the new iPod to your computer with the USB cable provided.

    • 2). Wait for iTunes to open. If the iPod was previously synced to another computer, a pop-up window appears, warning you that the iPod is synced to another iTunes library. Click "Erase and Sync." This erases the files on the iPod.

    • 3). Click the iTunes "File" menu. Then click "New Playlist." Name the playlist so you can easily remember it is for the new iPod.

    • 4). Click "Music" in the "Library" menu on the left.

    • 5). Highlight the songs in your music library that you want to load onto the new iPod. Drag them onto the new playlist.

    • 6). Click the entry for your iPod in the "Devices" menu on the left.

    • 7). Click "Music" in the main section of the iTunes window. Then click on "Selected playlists, artists, albums, and genres." Select the new playlist you created.

    • 8). Click the "Sync" button on the bottom right of the window. Wait for iTunes to sync with the iPod.

    • 9). Click the "eject" icon beside the iPod. Then safely disconnect your iPod from the computer.

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